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  Jieyang Ruisheng Motor co., LTD.is a professional production of various types of DC micro motor enterprises, with rich experience in micro motor production and professional development ability of micro motor.
  At present, the products include 130, 140, 260, 280, 360, 365, 380, 385, 540, 550 and other more than 10 large series of more than 200 models, widely used in electric toys, electric tools, massager, hair dryer, bell, automobile and other fields. At the same time, we rely on our own technical advantages in the field of micro motors, and we can develop special specifications and models quickly and efficiently according to the needs of our customers.
  Advanced production equipment and testing instruments and high-quality staff are the guarantee of Rui Sheng's product quality and good reputation. We have been grasping the production and staff training, and let the employees and enterprises develop synchronously to adapt to the increasingly complex market environment and make the micro motor industry develop as little as possible.

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