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One of the methods for judging the quality of dc deceleration motor

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As the application of dc deceleration motor has become more and more extensive, how to judge whether the dc deceleration motor has become an important problem that has puzzled customers is a problem that customers are very concerned about.
1. Connect the positive and negative poles, and when the hands are twisted, there is a lot of resistance to clarify the line. Otherwise, there is a break point;
2. With the hand rotating motor, if there is a significant resistance to the feeling, the short circuit point of the motor is clarified. (the transition is normal);
3. When the electric-electric transformation is conducted, the investigation of the change of spark will not be the best. The spark of star spot is outstanding, the spark line is bad, and the ring fire appearance can not be used; (the number of days will be shortened dramatically)
4. When the dc power motor runs to a temperature rise and steady punctuality, the resistance of the winding shall be measured in a multimeter. Usually a few to a few ohms;
5. The surface temperature of the motor should not exceed 80 degrees centigrade when the temperature is stable. If exceed this value, illuminates the motor's temperature rise not to pass;
6. Add extra voltage, measure speed, and indicate that the speed error should not exceed 10;
7. Add 1.2 times extra voltage and operate for 2 minutes for abnormal investigation;
8. The voltage between the intersections between the commutator is used in the dc power motor, and if there are no two pieces of the voltage between the plates, it is clear that the windings are normal.



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